Story of a Great School in China

Wellington College is one of Shanghai’s leading international schools. It is renowned mainly for an outstanding and carefully brought up learning community. The school has maintained a vision that has been inspired by an idea of holistic education and rustic environment and providing values and attitudes to students so as to make them global citizens. The story of Wellington College is interesting and inspiring. Here it is.

Story of a Great School in China

Wellington College is a national monument built in the memory of the Duke of Wellington (1769-1852) and given his name. The foundation was laid by Queen Victoria in 1856 and on 29th January 1859 the college was opened to the public.

In today’s world, there is more need than ever before to help students at each stage of their development so that they will be able not only to earn more money, but also become better humans that can make this world a better place for living. Wellington College aims just for that. Therefore they have designed their academic schedule in such a way that all the students, whether young or elder, can receive constant attention and care.

While classroom teaching is the main point of focus, enough attention is also provided to students’ physical education and also learning Mandarin. What’s more, when students become 10 years old, they are deliberately subjected to increased challenges and stretch, both academically as well as socially, till they become 12 years of age. During this period, students are also given specialist training in all areas of education.

5 Main Traits Focused On

The following 5 traits are specially focused on by the school to develop their students into well-rounded individuals.

1. Intellect

A dull student can be made bright by constant efforts. The learning in Wellington College has been designed in such a way that students will get encouragement to think critically and develop an interest in deep learning. This is where Wellington College stands out from other institutions as their students cannot be academically low or uninterested in education.

2. Inclusiveness

Wellington College focuses on making their students responsible and conscious global citizens with moral values.

3. Individuality

While making their students equally intellectual and well-rounded, Wellington College is also aware of preserving their students’ individuality by catering to their unique needs.

4. Independence

The college is also careful about making their students independent in thinking, learning and developing to live successfully in this constantly changing and diverse world.

5. Inspiration

Wellington College also stands out from other institutions in that they inculcate a thought in their students to inspire others, rather than limiting their development only to themselves.

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