See Your Students’ Knowledge and Understanding Improving Day By Day with Educational Products

Do you believe that your child should read his books well and prepare excellent answers to questions that will be asked in the test and pass the test with a high score? Or do you believe that your child should understand the subject well, increase his knowledge in the subject and should become capable of handling any problem in that field? Well, if you come in the latter category, you have understood the greater importance of practical knowledge than theoretical knowledge. In that case, you would like to give your child as many educational products as possible so that he can try what he is learning and understand the subject completely.

Even in schools and colleges there should be enough educational products and labware available so that minimum number of students (preferably only one) can work on each of the products.

Here are a few educational products that can be of a great use for students to get thorough knowledge and schools and colleges should have them.

Vacuum Pumps

A vacuum pump is a great educational tool to understand a vacuum system. There are various types of vacuum pumps. Here are some of them.

This Fischer Technical High Vacuum Pump Plate by is made of cast iron and can accommodate Bell Jars of up to 9” diameter. With this vacuum pump plate, a vacuum is created in the bell jar, i.e. it removes the air inside the bell jar till the pressure inside the jar goes a lot below the atmospheric pressure. This apparatus is useful in demonstrating a number of properties of a vacuum such as the fact that light waves are able to propagate through a vacuum but sound waves cannot.

Fischer Technical High Vacuum Pump Plate by lyonscientific

Also, take a look at this PILOT 3000 diaphragm vacuum pump made from quality parts which is economical and resistant to chemicals. It’s super-quiet as its noise level is only ~54 dB. It can be used for vacuum filtration, desiccation, solid phase extraction, degassing, fume suction, aspiration, vacuum drying, microbiology and more.

PILOT 3000 diaphragm vacuum pump by lyonscientific

And this is a high-quality, affordable hand operated vacuum pump which is easy to operate. Every time when you squeeze it, you can create a vacuum of 15mm Hg or air pressure of around 2 atm. The vacuum can be quickly released without having to dismantle it from the line with the help of a gauge, a detachable cap and elastic valve. For applications that don’t need precise or very high vacuums, this apparatus is perfect.

hand operated vacuum pump by lyonscientific

Plus, has high vacuum tubing, acrylic vacuum plates, high vacuum pumps, deluxe vacuum pump experiment kit and more. If your child or students can get a chance to learn with these vacuum pumps, they can completely understand how vacuum system works and then they can even use the principle in many ways in their daily life to make tasks easy.


School and college laboratories need a lot of high-quality and expensive apparatuses which are made from very delicate glass. These are very useful in conducting experiments in chemistry, biology and sometimes even physics. They are made of the clearest and thinnest glass so that students and researchers can see the results clearly with change of colors, fumes, movements, bubbles or any other changes to the things being experimented. has a range of high-quality certified labware too. Here are some of them.

This is a volumetric flask with snap cap. Its machine-blown body is durable and has a sharp graduation line and large easily discernible white block letters. It also includes a plastic snap cap. These volumetric flasks have QR code integrated to make access to certificates of conformity, certificates of calibration and user manuals easy and quick. This is an innovative technology available only on United Glassware.

volumetric flask by lyonscientific have a variety of volumetric flasks. These flasks are typically used to hold liquids. With volumetric flasks, students and researchers can prepare standard solutions with accurate dilutions. They can be made of glass or plastic, but those made of glass are preferred more because they don’t get affected in any way even if harsh chemicals like acids and alkalis are poured in them. They are calibrated which shows that they can hold a fixed volume which is indicated by a mark near the neck.

volumetric flask by lyonscientific have various types of pipettes too. These are chemical droppers. They are fine tubes made of glass or plastic and can be used to transfer the desired amount of liquid from one container, e.g. a volumetric flask, conical flask, beaker or petri dish, to another. They are of two types: volumetric which are used to carry a single particular volume of liquid and measuring pipettes which are used to carry varying, measured volumes of liquids.

Then there are pipette filling devices to replace the old and dangerous method of sucking the chemical in question through mouth in which students and scientists had to transfer liquids irrespective of potential hazards.

But thanks to the pipette filling devices, like this reliable and efficient electronic pipette filling device, which feature LED charging indicators, comfort grip adjustable pump speed and multiple housing color combinations. Its universal silicon collet can accept all standard size pipettes up to 100 ml. The collet also has internal knurlings due to which it can hold the pipette tightly.

pipette filling device by lyonscientific

To make filling pipette safe, they have various other devices like these three valve pipette fillers that can be used with pipettes up to 100 ml. They are made of natural rubber and available in attractive colors.

three valve pipette fillers by lyonscientific

Also for reducing sample retention to achieve optimum accuracy, they have these micropipette tips too which reduce retention level up to 10 times more than standard pipette tips.

micropipette tips by lyonscientific

And there are many more including test tubes, stands, clamps, racks, thermometers, biology kits, dissection boxes, stethoscope and more. Not only these tools help in making students understand the subjects well, but they also enable them to handle various devices carefully and do the experiments accurately. Thus they are ideal gifts for students, schools and colleges. Use them and see your students’ knowledge and understanding improving day by day.