Quality Control Analyst – A New Career Option You may Want to Follow

From time to time, we give information here about various new types of careers so that our young readers can get a wide range of options to choose from depending upon their liking. One such career is that of quality control inspectors or engineers.

The job profile of quality control technician is to monitor quality standards for virtually each manufactured item. Through training and education in quality control study programs, students gain the required tools to enhance the quality of products.

Important Information

Quality control inspectors have to work in the manufacturing industry to lessen the possibilities of errors in the product. Entrance to the quality control study program requires a high-school diploma. You can also take master’s programs which need you to have your bachelor’s degree completed. Some employers may also request you to get extra laboratory work experience with natural or biological sciences.

Several employers need candidates to be aware of the particular industry trade, while some others prefer on-site training for candidates. They also should have the knowledge of interpreting blueprints, manuals as well as other data-based specifications.

Some other employers require candidates to have the knowledge of using particular inspection equipment like gauge pins, micrometers and calipers. Candidates also need to know how to perform internal auditing per ISO 9000 standards, and also other quality management systems (QMS). In general, quality control analysts should have minimum 5 years of experience.

How to Succeed in Quality Control Study Program?

It’s found that the most successful quality control analysts have the following 5 skill sets.

  1. Quality control analysis
  2. Active listening
  3. Reading comprehension
  4. Complex problem solving
  5. Monitoring

In addition to these, there is one more important skill required for a good quality control analyst and it is that they are excellent in attention to detail. Here are 5 more common characteristics they have:

  1. Attention to detail
  2. Cooperation
  3. Integrity
  4. Dependability
  5. Flexibility/Adaptability

Benefits of the Career of a Quality Control Analyst

  • Suits people who love to work indoors
  • Suits people that like to follow routines
  • Suits people that like to work in a supportive environment
  • Not a very difficult career to follow. You need previous experience, skill and knowledge

The disadvantages of the job of quality control analysts are that the job doesn’t suit people who like to teach others, salary is not outstanding and working hours are long. If you are looking for other lucrative kinds of careers and colleges, like aviation colleges, Spartan College has many programs you can choose from!

You should weigh these pros and cons of this career and take decision of whether to follow it or not. Happy career hunting!