Provide English Assistance and Earn Money in Spare Time

Do you know that your English language skills can be of use to millions of people all over the world and will earn you some hard cash too? Yes, it’s true! You need not be a teacher or professor in English language. Maybe English is your mother tongue or you have been educated in English medium, if you are well-versed with English language because of any reason, you can help those who are not very good at English reading, writing or speaking, and earn some money, while being engaged in your main profession. You can do this through Pop On!

What is Pop On?

Pop On app is a platform which connects teachers and translators to those who need help in English language for various purposes. The Pop On app provides instant assistance to the needy and by providing the assistance, the provider earns money in spare time.

What You Need to Do?

You just have to fill out a form at and if you qualify, they will contact you within 2 days.

How can You Help?

English has become a global language today. Two people who don’t know each other’s language can communicate through English. People can read English books and websites, and gain knowledge. They can write to each other in English. High quality books can be translated to English language so that people all over the world can read them. You can help people in a variety of ways if you know English language.

  • Teach Students: You can help students of schools and colleges in their English language school and college work.
  • Help in Grammar: Some people know English language quite well, but they are not very good at grammar and spellings. You can help them to make their grammar and spellings perfect.
  • Help to Speak English: Some others find it difficult to speak English, because of any reason like they can’t pronounce some words, or they don’t feel confident, or whatever. You can help them by speaking with them in English and telling them where they are making mistakes while speaking, and thus improving their speaking skills.

And you can provide such assistance in your spare time. You need not stick to specific timings and get your schedule disturbed and you will get paid for that.

So, what do you think? Isn’t it a golden chance of helping others and at the same time making money? Go ahead and make use of your language skills and start helping others.