Mindletica – An Exact Approach to Education

Mindletica is an innovative eLearning company. It’s learning 2.0. They enable the mastery of critical educational concepts through a Micro-Learning methodology by leveraging the latest in Artificial Intelligence technology to customize a unique and high value educational approach. They are mobile enabled, allowing learning to occur on the go, and provide progress reports to the parents on progress and gaps. Mindletica utilizes monthly pricing and packages can be customized to your child’s needs.

Mindletica team spent two years mastering a “daily text” program and algorithm that helps students retain the important information tested on standardized tests, as well as catch areas that weren’t mastered or learned… all of this with the core focus and belief that it takes reinforcement and practice to really learn something.

Why Mindletica?

Schools and children are experiencing unprecedented strains and pressures. Primary schools face difficult budget issues and expanding class sizes. Private schools have increasing pressure to demonstrate value for expensive tuition costs. Families want to participate in their children’s education, but concepts have evolved, resulting in the report card becoming the barometer of their child’s academic development. Frustration results and the cycle repeats, from grade to grade. In desperation, parents and students resort to a “let’s game the system” approach to these tests, by spending big bucks for “strategy” preparation classes. This “brain dump” approach results in no real mastery of anything, and difficult college experiences and full potential is left unfulfilled.starting education


Who is Mindletica?

Mindletica is comprised of a world-class team of successful entrepreneurs, educators, global business executives and technologists. Megan Brown is a successful entrepreneur and was frustrated with the current educational state of the state. Lauren Weatherbee is a highly regarded educator and tutor who shared in this frustration. Trent Brown, a highly regarded global executive connected the dots and quickly organized a top talent team to include Chris Andrasick, a successful Silicon Valley technologist, as well as other top educators to build out the team. Together, they have built Mindletica.


Who can use Mindletica?

Mindletica is easy to use and fun. Students between the ages of 11 and 18 are recommended for Mindletica. They recommend students start Mindletica in the 6th grade to begin building their foundation. Mastering concepts early in one’s academic life will reduce the pressures later. However, students can opt into the program at any point of their primary or secondary years. They offer packages that are tailor-made for the students’ needs. They offer preparation for standardized tests like the ACT and SAT exams. Parents receive monthly progress reports.

Mindletica 200+ concepts in each project

Mindletica Team

Lauren Wetherbee, Cofounder, is the Chief Academic Officer. She has been dedicated to tutoring students for more than a decade, whether it is through volunteer work or working for test prep companies. She holds a BS and MS in Economics and an MBA in Finance.

Megan Brown, Cofounder, is the Chief Operating Officer. She has been dedicating herself to mentoring and guiding students in Chicago through her multiple sports programs. Megan has had a successful career in hi-tech and has a distinguished athletic background as a former NCAA Division 1 Academic All American.

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Trent Brown, Cofounder, is the Chairman. He has an impressive track record of building and leading companies in domestic and international markets. Brown has held senior executive positions with market leading organizations including SAP, PTC, Skire, Newgistics and others. Brown attended both West Point and Western Illinois before serving as an Officer in the US Military.

Chris Andrasick is the Chief Technology Officer and co-founder of Tacit Knowledge, a boutique Digital Commerce company where, he worked on initiatives with leading companies such as Converse, Barnes & Noble, Sony, Macys, Sephora, The Body Shop and Gap. Prior to Tacit, Andrasick was the Director of Software Engineering at Organic, a Digital Marketing Agency. Andrasick is a visionary and expert in the space of online privacy, web applications, web development and strategies, social networks and best practices in agile development. He is a certified Java Developer who holds patents for several technologies.

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Scott Wetherbee is the Chief Financial Officer. He is an accounting and finance expert. After honing his skills in the KPMG Higher Education, Research and Non-Profit audit group, he went to work for Language Stars as Controller. At Language Stars, he oversaw the financials and helped the group double in size. Wetherbee currently serves as the Deputy Comptroller at the Chicago Park District.