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The program details unique academic needs for a variety of age groups, and covers issues such as policy, regulation, evaluation and involvement, inter-agency operating, relationships with parents, and student contribution.

MA Special Educational Needs is a one year full-time, or two years part-time, program for instructors and associated professionals that wish to expand their knowing of efficient academic exercise for students with unique academic needs.

The challenge of dealing with remarkable students requires instructors with outstanding gifts. If you’ve always thought about becoming a unique knowledge instructor, but your bachelors level is in a self-discipline other than Education, our Master of Arts in Education/Special Education (MAEd/SPE) can help you achieve your goal.

This graduate student level system is intended for students with no prior educating encounter. The MAEd/SPE will present you to techniques and techniques for class room training while providing a further knowing of dealing with kids who have unique needs. Nationwide recognized by the Authorities for Exceptional Children (CEC), the program combinations academic concept with relevant training, area encounter and university student educating in cross-categorical establishing, and contains all essential elements needed to help you get ready for a career in knowledge.

MA Special Educational Needs views the concepts, policies and methods in the inclusive knowledge of students with academic needs and draws upon current regulation, government and examination reports, and both national and international analysis evidence.


The following is aspect of this system. Please speak with an acceptance consultant for particular course information

  • Research Methods in Education
  • Values in University and Society
  • Project/Thesis – Special Education
  • Project/Thesis Offer – Special Education

Unique Features

  • Full accreditation
  • Highly regarded by school districts
  • Evening classes
  • Personalized schedule and plan
  • Classes blend concept and practice
  • What you’ll learn

The Master of Arts in Education (MAED) with a expertise in Special Education is a graduate student level system preparing applicants for instructor licensure in the area of unique knowledge. Candidates for this system have already earned a bachelors level and wish to gain the pedagogical skills and knowledge that will assist them in becoming efficient knowledge teachers. The program’s program contains alignment to the remarkable child, fundamentals and strategies of light problems, diagnosis and evaluation of problems, organized English engagement, reading and language arts training, addition techniques, and cooperation and resource management for the instructor.

Throughout the system, students are needed to complete a minimum of 100 hours of confirmed area experiences. The focus of each statement will correspond with particular course content.

Certification will be managed in the scholar’s electronic profile. Kids’ area experiences are developed to get ready them for university student educating. Student educating is a vital component of the Special Education Program. Student instructors work with a participating instructor and with a University of Arizona staff consultant during a field-based encounter in a cross-categorical knowledge establishing. The university student educating encounter is developed to highlight the accomplishment of state requirements leading to documentation and to present individuals with growth opportunities that best get ready them to assume the responsibilities of a certified instructor.