Let Your Children Progress with Phonics Training

If you are wondering what phonics is, it’s a technique of teaching people to read by associating sounds with symbols in an alphabetic writing system. Scientific studies have found again and again that clear systematic phonics instruction is the most efficient way to teach reading to children. Without phonics, some kids may end up having some severe reading problems. Let’s further understand this.


The meaning of this is to teach children the sounds produced by individual letters or groups of letters and how to combine separate sounds together to form one word. This kind of phonic is usually known as “synthetic phonics”.


Explicit means to teach children directly the particular association of letters to sounds, instead of expecting them to learn it indirectly.


The spelling system of English is complicated. It’s essential to teach children letter sound mappings in an organized way, starting with rules of simple letter sounds and then proceeding to more complex associations.

Nobel learning Singapore phonics for children is based on these very basic principles and therefore their students learn correct pronunciations and are exceptional readers.

Why Phonics is Important

Because of phonics rules, children learn how to decode letters to their respective sounds, which enables them to read words they’ve never heard before by themselves.

Remember that most words are actually unknown to early readers in print, even though they have spoken knowledge of the word. Gaining letter-sound knowledge will enable children to establish a connection between the unknown print words to their spoken word knowledge.

Does it Really Improve Reading?

Experts are of opinion that functional reading skills need many other skills in addition to phonics, such as an ability to extract inferences, good vocabulary and have information in memory across many sentences. However, if your reading of single words is not efficient, comprehension will be affected drastically.

If building a house is compared to this, the complete home can be compared to understanding text, structural frame of the house is ability to read single words and the foundation of that frame is phonics.

All in all, effective phonics training is important because letter-sound knowledge is the base required to develop reading and writing skills.

So, if you want your children to be good readers and speakers, phonics training is essential. Get it for them and see them progressing.