Last Minute Study Guide – Great Help to Prepare for State Tests

How useful do you find exams? Do you think exams are necessary or do you think they are just waste of time? Whatever one may say, exams are indeed necessary, not to compare one student with the other, but to compare one to oneself! Yes, exams show how much you are prepared in a subject and how much you can recollect and reproduce if you are asked questions on that subject. If you answer the questions well, it gives you a confidence that you have understood the subject thoroughly. If you can’t, you understand that you have to prepare more.

However, some students are unnecessarily stressed out with the thought of exams because their viewpoint for looking at the exams is different than the above. They consider exams fearsome. Some students find exams so fearsome that they forget everything they have read on the subject and become blank. In such cases, it’s necessary to have a guide which can give them a confidence that a help is always available at hand.

Last Minute Study Guide is an app designed by Dr. Peter to help students. The basic purpose of this app is to offer guided reviews and practice for the basic skills on which education has been developed, i.e. the skills that will be tested in State Tests of writing, math and comprehension. With the help of the app, the user can review the concepts and skills within a short period of time so that they can be comfortable and get a confidence that they can learn and understand them with ease.

The position of the concept is in such a way that the user will get some friendly guided review of each skill and will be offered five chances to practice that skill. Each practice will become a little more difficult than the previous one. This will help the user to become stronger in the skill. Moreover, the practice will be partly like the state test pattern of multiple-choice and open-ended questions.

Last Minute Study Guide has a unique feature that it contains all skills that are necessary to score well in all state tests. Since the skills can be practiced in various situations using various styles, the guide can be useful to students from all over the world, studying in different styles. They just have to have smartphones.

The app is available on Google Play as well as iTunes; so, take benefit of this app and score well in your state tests without any fear.