Important Tips to Find the Perfect British School in Shanghai for Your Child

When you are about to move to a city like Shanghai and have children that are still studying, one of the most important things to find in the new city is to find a right school for them. Fortunately, Shanghai has a number international schools and top class education system. But if you are a British or want a British school for your children, whether you are a national of some other country or are Chinese, there are some things you should consider while finding a British school in Shanghai.

Why British School?

British education has certain prominent benefits that any parent would find desirable for their children. Features of British education are:

  • It aims at developing the most important skills and knowledge that every child is entitled to learn and confirms a lifelong desire for learning.
  • Teachers are appointed in British schools after ensuring that they are highly qualified and experienced, and so, British schools have high teaching standards.
  • British schools can become feasible at times to meet the needs of an international student community.

What to Look for in a British School in Shanghai?

There are many British international schools in Shanghai, some of them being excellent like wellingtoncollege, and therefore you may be daunted with the question of which one to choose. Here are certain parameters that you can use to check if a school can be right for your child.

Wellington College

Location of School

How accessible is a British school to you? Is there a bus that can take your child to the school? Would it be problematic if your child has to attend any after-school activities? Could your child easily travel there alone after s/he reaches an age when s/he wants independence? While time spent in traveling to the perfect school located at a long distance from your home may be proved to be worth it ultimately for compatible school philosophy, community spirits or good curricula options, it is important too to take into account whether it will influence precious time that could even be spent either participating in extracurricular programs or with family.

Learning Environment

When you will visit a school, take a look into its classrooms and watch carefully how they are organized. Is the school having the same sort of community as well as learning environment you are looking for? Seating rows may indicate an old-fashioned teaching system where students are encouraged to talk to the teacher instead of each other. Check if work displayed on walls is up-to-date. Also, make sure that all types of works by children are displayed and not just the top ones. Check if the school’s approach matches yours. For example, if you are looking for a more traditional approach but the school you choose has a progressive approach, everyone will have a frustrating experience.


You should also check the health and safety policy of the school. This will consist of details of what the school is accountable for and also what they must do to take care of your child. Check the safety measures taken by the school to ensure the security of your child during school hours. Per se, school staff is responsible for the welfare, supervision and behaviour of children all the time. All adult leaders must have a list of the children in their group. Several reputable British schools, like wellingtoncollege, have begun to restrict the access to school property by locking all unsupervised entryways and making it necessary for all visitors to visit the main office first along with issuing unique identification that all visitors should wear during their visit to the school campus.

By checking these points, you can find the perfect British school in Shanghai for your child.