Important Tips for Sentence Correction

Forming correct sentences is essential while writing a professional mail, a college essay or any other important document. If you are typing in a MS-Word document, you are corrected automatically; but there are limitations to that. Therefore proofreading is important. You can take the help of sentence checker software which is a great tool. Here are some tips about how to proofread efficiently.


If you want to find mistakes, concentrating is utmost important. Concentration refers to keeping away from distractions and likely hindrances. Keep away or silent all your gadgets, appliances and anything which can distract you, even people.

Bring it On Paper

Screen and paper are two different things. You will find improvement in your proofreading if you get a printout of your write-up and proofread. Also if you read aloud, you might notice quickly if there is some abnormality in the sentence formation.


Words that have same or similar pronunciation or spelling, but have different meanings are called homonyms. For example, accept and except, tea and tee, main and mane, there and their, etc. Pay keen attention to them, to check whether you are mixing them.

Apostrophes and Contractions

You might often mistake between its and it’s, they’re and their, you’re and your, etc. These mistakes can hurt the reliability of your writing. Many people use apostrophes to denote plurals which is a mistake.


Punctuations should also not be overlooked. Pay keen attention to extra or missing commas, capitalized words, wrongly used periods, etc.

Reading Backwards

While writing, often our own mistakes are overlooked by our brain, because it “corrects” them inside itself. To stop this practice, read the text backwards.

Checking Numbers

Numbers in your text are also important and should be keenly checked. There is a difference between $10,000 and $100,000, and also in 1.1 million and 1.1 billion!

Sentence Corrector is a fantastic website with which you can get your sentences corrected. Just put your text in the box provided and bingo! It is corrected! This is extremely useful to those who had English as their second language or who have just learned English, or even those who don’t have a human helper to get their sentences corrected. You can get your mistakes corrected to get a peace of mind with this wonderful tool.