Importance of a Career Development Plan

Great careers don’t occur accidentally. Satisfying careers are the result of hard work, talent, slight luck and a strategy carefully planned and implemented.

Have You Got a Career Development Plan?

Have you written a career plan for you? Have you found time to write down your short and long term goals, areas of interest and areas of further studies or development? Have you documented your strengths and weaknesses?

This is not about those few lines of the vague overview of what you would like to accomplish over the next year you scribbled when HR asked you to write something. We both are aware of the fact that those goals are hardly remembered until you review them once again. Your company will not be as interested in your career development as you take an active interest in the process yourself.

Irrespective of what industry you are working in, whether you are self-employed, employed or even unemployed, and whether you are just starting out or close to retirement, there are some reasons why you should design a plan for your career and stick to it.

You can Avoid the Getting Trapped in a Boring Routine


Gone are the days when employees were promoted based on tenure. If you permit yourself to be comfortable doing only tasks in which you have got training when you were hired, you might well be prepared to be overworked and underpaid for the forthcoming years of your work life.

Worse even, you may be eventually made redundant despite your loyalty and someone with higher skills may be hired to do the job faster and paid less. With no clear career plan, you are at a risk of taking the painful and slow route to an unsatisfying career.

Take Control of Your Own Progress

With a career plan, you learn to take control of your progress, instead of blaming external factors for every negative incident that occurs in life and work. You will find that instead of being skipped from a promotion as you didn’t have the required skills, you acquire computer training you need by joining afternoon or evening classes to present yourself as an ideal candidate for the promotion.

Life Skill Programs

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