How to Find Free or Cheap Textbooks

For a student, buying textbooks can be really expensive. Luckily, with some searching it’s possible to find free downloads and we would like to share some tips on looking for college textbooks online. If, however, you can’t find necessary textbooks for free, there are websites such as which will surely help you find the cheapest textbooks available. 

When looking for college textbooks, you should search for torrents first. Of course, it means you already know how to use them and, people who are new to torrents, might be a little bit scared. Although it may sound complicated, it’s quite easy and convenient to use. You have two options: searching on a torrent website or using a search engine which checks various torrent websites. Keep in mind that these torrent engines aren’t perfect. So, when searching for college textbooks on these sites, use keywords rather than the whole title of the book you need. In case this gives too many results, add 1 or two words at a time until you find the book you were looking for.

Even the most experience torrent users cannot find what they want on torrent websites, so they turn to a Google search for torrents. Since Google gives you more freedom for different wordings of the same thing (compared to torrent websites which are usually very strickt), you might be directed to a torrent website you wouldn’t even think of and yet it may be the only one with the book you need.

Sometimes sources, torrents in the first place, offer file types other than .PDF. Some of these file types, such as .djvu are quite alright and easy to use, but you’ll still need a .djvu reader, for example. You can also use converters to convert files to .PDF. What we’re trying to say is that you shouldn’t avoid files with some other extensions, though they do require some extra effort.

Finally, if you simply cannot find a book you want, opt for websites offering cheap textbooks. In fact, sometimes the cheapest textbooks are international editions with the same exact content but for less than $2!