Head Towards Great Success with a Great IELTS Preparation Course

IELTS or International English Language Testing System is an important exam to gain a deep knowledge about the global language, English, and prove that you have that deep knowledge. So, for such an important test your preparation too should be equally strong. IELTS Online is a top online institute and offers IELTS preparation courses. These preparation courses are carefully designed using the best standards in online teaching and IELTS preparation.

Why IELTS Online?

IELTS Online is 100% online: You can approach your class anytime of the day according to your school or office timings, because IELTS is 100% online. Also in case you miss a class, you can attend it when you access the internet again.

Easy to Use Interface: Not sure whether you can learn online? No need to worry! IELTS Online has an extremely easy to use interface and step by step structure. You will find no problem in progressing through your course. And if you are doubtful about whether you are on the right track, the Study Planner and Activities Summary will help you track your progress.

They use time-honored techniques and systems that give real results

High satisfaction rate

They provide flash audio and transcript: You will agree that audio and video teaches us better. The importance of reading and writing is not less, but when you “see” and “listen” to a tutorial, it gets fitted strongly in your brain. The flash audio and transcript provided by IELTS Online just does this – fitting the tutorial strongly in your brain!

Practice tests under conditions that simulate exams: While we are in our familiar environment, it’s easy to recall whatever we learn; but many students get stressed up with the environment of exam hall, examination paper, the lack of noise, etc. The practice tests by IELTS Online are conducted in conditions that imitate exams, so that students get a great practice to write exam papers at the time of actual exam without stress.

With You Always: Throughout your process of learning, starting from the day one right up to your exam day, IELTS Online stays with you to give you a strong support.

Everything needed for the exam in one place: Whether it is study notes, practice tests, learning the exam format or anything else you need for the exam, you get it at IELTS Online. So, you need not run hither and thither in search of various things at the last moment. You will get every tip, trick, hint and every bit of knowledge at IELTS Online.

Courses Offered

IELTS Express: This course is designed to prepare for the IELTS exam fast. It provides you limited content and only 45 day access.

IELTS Master: This course is designed for a thorough preparation of the IELTS test. You are given all content and 90 days access.

IELTS Master Plus: This course consists of all the content that IELTS Master course features, plus qualified English Language Tutors give their feedback on your performance. Here too you get all content and 90 days access.

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