Have a Passport and Become the Citizens of the World

Have you ever thought of owning a passport? If not, you must, because your university may make it compulsory for you. An example of this is set by Ohio State University by encouraging students to have passports to prepare them to become citizens of the world! Thus, not only because your university may compel you to have a passport, but also to equip yourself better to head towards progress, a passport has gained an immense importance in a student’s life.

According to the president of Ohio State, E. Gordon Gee, every student should be ready to travel, assuming that passports will be like the driver’s license of the 21st century. This is absolutely right because having a passport can open your mind and raise your expectations.

Experiencing the sights, flavors, sounds, smells and conversations of a foreign country can give your education an edge. This is a sort of hands-on education that is impossible to acquire through books and even computers, because you can be present there.

In one of the most educated countries in the world, like the USA, only around 30% citizens own a passport, while only 1% of college students study overseas annually, as per the findings of the Institute of International Education. These are too low percentages. Economy is becoming increasingly global and traveling to other countries is important to help students understand the world. It’s a no-brainer that students can understand better what they learn in books or even the internet only by experiencing it personally and they can do it only by traveling. And for traveling abroad, a passport is essential.

According to Gee, learning to navigate in an unknown area challenges us and we grow from it, we gain confidence and we gain skills that last for a lifetime. This too is absolutely right. If a student’s life is limited to university, home and her/his own area, s/he cannot develop in a true sense, s/he may feel confused and confidence-less if s/he gets a chance to go to an unknown area. Students must go beyond their books and learn about the world and only then they can connect to the world economy for the development of their country as well as mankind.

So, consider taking a passport today!

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Hope you are now eager to have a passport to be ready to become a citizen of the world!