Education that is Fun and Useful in a Real Sense

Our traditional educational system has been proven to be a big failure every now and then. Those who accept the way of learning untraditionally learn things in real sense. The current educational models have regularly evoked a loss of interest in learning, rather than creating it. So, should this system be totally eliminated? Well, I am not courageous enough to say that, but I would certainly like to say that those who hate this educational system can try something else, something better, something more interesting! Is there something of that sort? Yes, it is! The one and only Learnquiq – world’s first online learning platform where teachers can teach their own way and students can learn their own way, an interesting process of gaining knowledge in a true sense!

What is Learnquiq?

Learnquiq is a pioneer concept developed by Anders Fung according to which teachers who want to share their knowledge and learners who want an affordable access to relevant learning that can help them develop real-world skills quickly can come together, creating a win-win situation!

Both teachers and learners can sign up on Learnquiq for free and can choose teaching and/or learning. Teachers can teach on their favorite topic and structure a curriculum with the help of pre-recorded videos, documents, audio clips and even quizzes, all of which can be given a form of a course to be sold for free or for a price. Activities regarding this type of course occurring on Learnquiq, like any updates, user rating, price changes, etc will be broadcast to the users.

Beneficial to Both – Students and Teachers

Learnquiq has a unique ability to enable teachers to offer learning content for free, within no time and relevant to the needs of learners. The live feed of Learnquiq solves the inherent marketing problem of teachers who already lack time, while meeting the students’ need to learn what they are most interested in and most useful to them by directly sending the information to them.

Anders is totally driven by and focused on forming an integrated learning experience where anyone can share knowledge directly with those who want it, within no time!

The great thought of Anders behind creating Learnquiq is the teacher should create learning content which can be beneficial to students, and should not waste their skills on marketing! Today teachers come across the greatest difficulty of finding an online platform that can support the development of educational content and deliver relevant content that’s important to the learners who receive it. Learnquiq has solved this great problem!

Earning Teachers Dream of!

A great feature of Learnquiq is they are setting a bar by providing an exclusive performance-based commission payout based on which teachers may get promotion as they create more and more quality content and become popular. Each teacher will start at 55% commission payout which they can take up to 75%. This encourages teachers to create more and more quality learning content, and eventually learners benefit from this, by getting practical skills from someone with a proven track record.

So, what do you think? Aren’t you feeling enthralled at the thought of a never-before, fantastic educational system? Well, if yes, go ahead and enroll at Learnquiq and step in an all-new learning environment where education will be fun and useful in a true sense!