Driver Training Simulator for the Safety of Your Young Driver

A basic driver training simulator resembles a lot to a video game and has been actually evolved from flight simulators used in aviation training. However, now an extremely advanced driver training simulator has been created by Carnetsoft – a highly experienced player in the field of driving simulator development. This simulator resembles an actual car – a fully functional one, only difference is, in place of the engine there is a computer.

This simulator has been marketed by who always provide professional driver training simulators at affordable costs to driving schools and for driver training. As compared to the basic simulators available on the market, this highly advanced simulator comes at a fraction of price.

Benefits of the Advanced Driving Simulator

A traditional driver training involves a live driver in a car accompanying the learner. This driver should have a great practice of driving a car. Most of the times it is seen that these trainers lack proper knowledge and experience, and therefore the rate of accident of young drivers is increasing every day.

An ideal driver training program or school encourages young drivers to acquire as much experience as they can. Many studies state that the risk of accidents of novice drivers reduces fast if they are given training for important safety-relevant skills in the first few months of driving. In that case the driving simulator can offer such training even before the driver obtains a license.

The driver training simulator has got the driving games scenarios which are its strong points. Particularly young male drivers have a high fatality rate in car accidents and they can be benefited from the simulator giving them a lifelike driving training, by offering the thrill of driving an actual car.


A report by the International Commission for Driver Testing about education of driving and traffic safety states that 27% of the car drivers who die in car accidents are between the age of 18 and 25. This emphasizes the requirement of the driver training simulator for this population. The simulator gives extensive training and experience in various driving tasks, thereby improving traffic safety and reducing injuries and deaths in road accidents.

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Types of Driving Tasks Practiced on the Simulator

The driver training simulator gives a practice of all types of driving tasks, like driving off in first gear, visual scanning while approaching intersections, gear shifting, applying right  of way rules, lane changing, entering highways, driving on roundabouts and many more. Also specialized skills like night driving, and driving in rain, fog or snow can also be practiced with this simulator. Once the student masters all these skills on the simulator, s/he is fully prepared to sit behind the wheel of an actual car and drive it on the real road. By this time, the student has been experienced well in driving, courtesy the driver training simulator. At this stage, the trainer can train her/him for more difficult situations in the traffic.


Varied Applications

This advanced driver training simulator is not only good for driving schools but also for drivers education and training in high schools in the US, Canada, the UK, South Africa, Israel, Ireland and Australia.

Various other useful applications of the driving simulator are for police training, emergency services, training of hazard perception, and many more.

So, take benefit of this high-tech driver training simulator and get the desired peace of mind about the safety of your young driver.