Data Analytics – A Great New Field for eLearning

In our series of giving you information of new careers, today we bring you data analytics. Learning analytics can help you to improve eLearning in training and education. Let’s see some basics of analytics.

Data Analytics

In simple words, learning analytics is collecting data while being engaged in the eLearning experience. Analysis and reporting this information are also included in analytics. All through the training course of eLearning important pieces of data are recorded like students’ scores on a specific test, what is the speed of their progress through a module, how often they log in, whether they take part in a discussion board, etc. Concurrently, analytics also provide online instructors and facilitators a comprehensive look at the performance of the student, whether s/he needs additional help with a certain subject or lesson and also if s/he has any chances to pass the eLearning course or not. This data can later be used to do educational analysis as well as predictions that can help in determining which learning material is useful, appropriate or useless to the students. This is based primarily upon the skill level, performance and personal likings of the students.

Why Learning Data Analytics is So Important

Here are only a few reasons why learning data analytics is so important to improve eLearning:

To Predict the Performance of Students: This is one of the most remarkable benefits of leaning data analytics. It can provide you an understanding not only of how the student is performing today, but also of her/his future performance all through the period of eLearning.

Personalized eLearning Experience: eLearning professionals as well as online instructors have the ability to customize the eLearning experience of each and every student by learning analytics. If the data reveals that a student is taking too long to finish a certain eLearning module, instructors can take appropriate measures to offer more personalized educational tools and resources.

Increase in Student’s Retention Rate: Because of data analytics applied to find ways of improvement in students’ performance, the number of students failing or dropping out the eLearning course will be reduced.

Improvement in eLearning Courses: Not only will the current students of eLearning courses be benefited by the data analytics, but also future students. For example, if data analytics show that a particular aspect of the course is too challenging for the students, developers can reduce the difficulty level of that particular module.

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