Choosing E-learning Platform – Things to Consider

ELearning has been proven to be effective in increasing professionalism in employees. Even renowned companies like Coca-Cola and Hilton spend millions on eLearning obviously because they are getting outstanding results. Apart from enhancing professionalism, eLearning promotes a team spirit among employees, strengthens their commitment towards the company and is incredibly cost-effective. Choosing just the right E-Learning Platform for you among so many of them on the market is a difficult task. Here are some guidelines.

ELearning Platform Provider should Provide Both, Courses and Software

In case of standard learning, classes cannot be separated from school. eLearning should also have the same system. When both the courses and software, i.e. LMS (Learning Management System), are offered by the same provider, you can be assured that courses would be compatible with the learning pattern. Because of this, a lot of your time and efforts are saved on finding courses working well with any LMS, their adaptation and rectifying mistakes.

Also managing your eLearning becomes much more effective when you have to stay connected to only one provider, than that with many providers.

Check the Size, Reputation and Expertise of the Provider

The size of the provider will depend on your needs. If the providers are big, they are obviously more reliable. They can manage working with several lecturers on courses that cover most fields of business knowledge. Thus if you wish to train all your staff, from your executives to workers, big providers are better for you.

On the other hand, a small provider is more flexible. A small team can solve your queries and do your tasks quickly. Small providers are usually specialized in a particular field of business training. If you need to train your staff on a particular subject, a small provider is better for you.

Check Technological Advancement

If you want, you can get much more than just lectures to attend on a laptop or a phone; with advanced technology you can get a whole learning experience!

T&D specialists and LMS administrators should be able to choose courses quickly from a vast online library and create a separate program for every employee. They must offer 24/7 access to statistics so as to analyze results of employees through charts, numbers and graphics, and present proposals for further education.

Also your employees should be able to use any device for learning. Unlike your executives, your workers might not access computers and internet while working. So, the eLearning should reach all employees through all devices, like smartphones, laptops, tablets and PCs.

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