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Should you really take an online course?

It seems that nowadays anything we imagine may be just one click away from us, and that there are fewer and fewer things regarded as simple figments of imagination. In such a world, full of vast opportunities, many students can’t

Online Education – Advantages and Disadvantages

In the last decade(s), online education has become increasingly popular. In the beginning, only a few online classes were offered to students, but today there is an increasing number of schools that offer various online degree programs. The question is,

Tips to Make the Most of Your E-learning Course

E-learning is becoming more and more popular. You too might have enrolled for an e-learning course, but are you ready for it? I mean do you know if it needs less, more or same amount of commitment as that of

Top Benefits of Learning English Grammar through Videos in Hindi Language

Are you an Indian and preparing for a competitive exam in India like PSC, RBI, LIC or SBI? You might be nervous with a thought of the English language exam, especially if you have studied in Hindi language all through

What to look for in an online degree program

If you are looking to earn a degree online, you need to do your research to make sure that you choose the school that best fits your needs and that when you graduate, you have a credential that will get

10 Upcoming Academic Conferences You Can’t Miss

We all know that there are so many great ways to sharpen and learn skills these days: we can read blogs, watch how-to videos on YouTube and other applications, listen to podcasts, and attend webinars and seminars, just to name

Wizer – An Easy Way to Create Excellent Educational Content Quickly

Are you a teacher and believe in worksheets? Well, whatever one may say about worksheets, there is no doubt that they are extremely effective in making students understand the subject. This is because there is a difference in watching others

5 Reasons You should Enroll for a Digital Marketing Course

Online marketing is today’s hot cake! Everyone tells that it’s a money-mine and you can make millions through it. This can obviously make you aspire for becoming a millionaire within a short time. But hold on! I agree that you

Data Analytics – A Great New Field for eLearning

In our series of giving you information of new careers, today we bring you data analytics. Learning analytics can help you to improve eLearning in training and education. Let’s see some basics of analytics.

UX Design – Can it Be Your Dream Career?

On, we make you aware of new courses and fields from time to time and in this series, today we have brought to you UX Design. What exactly is UX design? Honestly, there is no definition of UX design