Career of a Truck Driver – What to Consider?

If you have decided to choose a career of a truck driver, it’s an excellent choice because it will give you a great earning. However you should remember certain things. Firstly you should have certain qualities, including:

  • A quiet mind that can withstand and remain calm under pressure
  • Great concentration on the job even if it is in the form of driving miles after miles on dreary road
  • An ability and confidence to spend most of your working time alone in your vehicle
  • A positive and considerate approach of driving that remembers the requirements of other road users
  • A willingness to drive to several different parts of the country as well as other countries

Some of these qualities may be so inbuilt in your personality that you may hardly think of changing them. However, all of them are likely to help you in becoming a safe lorry driver, involved in a very few accidents and having very rare auto insurance claims.

Nature of Job

You will drive commercial automobiles beyond 7.5 tonnes, which include tankers, articulated lorries, trailer wagons and transporters. Depots, warehouses and distribution centres will be your workplaces from where you will leave carrying goods all through the country and abroad.

You will have some additional duties too, like:

  • Planning schedules of delivery and driving routes with transport managers
  • Monitoring or helping in loading or unloading goods
  • Ensuring that the goods are safely loaded
  • Keeping a track of traffic reports and changing the route if required
  • Completing necessary paperwork at delivery point
  • Dealing with basic maintenance such as checking brakes, oil and tyres before and after a journey


Added to all the above-mentioned qualities, you will have to undertake formal training for HGV or LGV truck driving.

  • Remember that you should have a number of basic qualifications before undertaking the challenge of being a truck driver.
  • You should be above 18 years of age and should already have a full car driving license
  • Basic knowledge of English and maths will also be required when it comes to theory tests of driving
  • You should have good eyesight and will have to undergo a medical examination
  • The standards of driving set by the DVLA (Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority), for instance, are designed to check your driving skill and hazard perception, and ability to take serious responsibilities as a professional truck driver
  • The license holder qualification obtained by you to drive particular types of LGVs (large goods vehicles) are legally prescribed
  • You should remember the fact that anyone coaching you to be a professional driver should also be properly accredited and recognised by the DVLA as an instructor
  • The driving qualifications are again classified into two – C1 for driving single-unit vehicles up to 7.5 tonnes and C2 to drive single unit vehicles more than 7.5 tonnes
  • If you want to drive a combination of tractor and trailer or an articulated unit in any of these categories, you will have to pass one more test in the concerned category – C+E or C1+E
  • Lastly you should also take up training for and acquire your Certificate of Professional Competence (driver CPC) if you will work as a driver for your living.

Arranging Funds

All this may create an impression that the testing and training will cost a lot. Of course, you may take the financial burden yourself. However, as a non-driver you may consider the option of approaching any employer ready to bear your training cost. Another alternative is to choose an apprenticeship scheme available in your area for suitable candidates.

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