Abstract Tube – An Excellent Way to Create Video Abstracts

Have anyone suggested you to create a video abstract and are you wondering what it is? Well, video abstract is like a trailer of a movie that gives a good idea to your viewers of what will be there in your research paper, dissertation, thesis, conference paper, journal paper or book. In other words, a video abstract is a prelude to any written work, typically of academic type. Therefore it is very useful to students to convey their findings in a very appealing way. It gives readers a perspective of your whole article before diving into reading it.

Video abstracts are getting popularity among the scholarly community. Publishers of journals started suggesting authors to generate a video abstract before submitting a paper. According to journal publishers, it can establish a community of interested readers. And a best way of creating video abstracts is Abstract Tube.

Abstract Tube invented by Sarbojeet Jana, based in Columbus, Ohio, USA, can be compared to YouTube but it’s focused on research-based and academic video abstracts.

It’s not necessary that Abstract Tube video abstracts should be for scientists. They can be for entertaining and enlightening kindergarteners and even grandparents.

If you have participated in a scientific conference or university research symposium or graduated with a thesis, you should consider creating Abstract Tube video abstracts.

Meaning of Abstract

The original word “abstractus” from which the word ‘abstract’ was derived is a Latin word meaning ‘drawn away’. Thus, it means a summary drawn away from a research, article, speech, book etc. Its objective is to introduce a short account of a larger work/research in a compact form so that an interest can be generated in viewers about the larger work/research.

How Should the Video Abstract be Created?

Since the purpose of an abstract video is to engage viewers so that they should read the entire work, it should engage the viewers. To structure an abstract is therefore a daunting task. Your topic should be clear which is very important. Besides this, accuracy, concision and keywords should be given prime attention because they have a huge importance in the formation of an abstract.

Why is a Video Abstract More Preferable than a Written Abstract?

A video offers you more freedom to explain the deep aspects of your work in real time using 2D or 3D animation, raw lab experiment video clips, charts, graphs and other types of illustration.

According to a number of studies, visual information is easily understood by our brains as compared to textual information and above that, our brain’s processing of visual information is 60,000 times faster than that of textual information. And when this visual information is put in motion, human brain processes it even better than only visual information.

If you are excited with the idea of Abstract Tube video extracts, why don’t you try them and see the difference?