6 Points You Should Look for while Finding the Right Admission Consulting Service

Applying for an admission to a college is a complicated process and the uncertainty about being eligible for your dream college may make you stressed up. You have heard that admission consultants can help you out. But you haven’t 100% believed it. That’s good! Unless you don’t get positive results, you should not believe in anything just because someone suggests you.

So, what is the admission consultation process and how will you decide whether you have got the right consultant or not? Solomon Admissions Consulting is a leading admission consultant service. Their experts share tips here on how to find the best consultant.

1. Do You Really Need an Admission Consultant?

Yes, first of all you should think whether you really need an admission consultant. One of the reasons to consider this is that the application process is expensive. There is a fee for everything including primary applications, secondary applications, flight tickets if you have to go to interviews to a different city or state, and so on. Most students apply to multiple colleges. So, if they apply for more than 20 colleges (and they do), they have to spend around $4,000±! This is a lot more expensive than making use of an admission consultation service like Solomon Admissions which can help you get accepted the first time. Even a mere 15-minute consultation with the consultant may make you realize whether you should or shouldn’t apply, thus saving your money, time and heartache.

2. Experience of Working in Admission Offices

Who can know better about how admissions are processed than people who have worked in admission offices of colleges you have applied for? Your first concern should be that whether the consultant you are talking to has experience of working in admission offices or not. If the consultant has worked there, he knows the ins and outs of the admission process, what they look for while accepting the application, what they need in the aspiring students, what type of application they accept and so on. Therefore Solomon Admissions experts suggest that your consultant should be experienced in this. Also, you should try to know if he was working there as a full-time employee or just as a summer intern. This will make you know definitely whether he can advise you properly or not. All consultants at Solomon Admissions have worked in the admission offices of top colleges of USA, UK and Canada.

3. Writing Experts

Another very valuable tip from Solomon Admissions experts is that you should check whether the person editing your personal statement is a professional writer with topnotch qualifications. This is because it’s not necessary that a person who has the highest knowledge about the admission process is well versed in writing.

In that case, such a person should assign the task of editing to a professional writer. Doing grammatical edits is of no use. The editor should edit your statement in such a way that it should appeal the college authorities so as to make the process of your admission easier. Hence you should keenly check who edits your statement.

4. Track Record of the Consultation Service

You should essentially check the track record and success rate of the service you are considering. If they are not clear and transparent about their track record, they should not be considered. Solomon Admissions have a proven track record with their students been accepted in numerous universities across the USA, UK and Canada. They try to match the student with the university that best fits his expectations and interests. They also have got acceptance letters from their numerous satisfied customers which you can read and get the assurance of their proven success rate.

5. Knowledge of What Universities Look for

You are a school student and are just trying to get admission in a college. There is no chance that you know what each college or university look for in their applicants. Different universities have different expectations. There is no fixed rule as to what they want. It’s just random and unpredictable. What should you do? Of course, you can take help of someone like Solomon Admissions who have people that have worked in various universities and know the expectations and eligibility criteria of these universities. All these consultants have worked on the admission committees of various universities and have read innumerable applications and know what exactly separates the acceptances from borderline refusals. Thus by approaching them you can know the expectations of your favorite college or university so that you can apply accordingly to get a guaranteed admission.

6. Preparation of Interviews

You should also look for whether the consultation firm assists you in preparation of interviews. So, if in addition to instructing you about the expectations of your favorite colleges or universities about their students, and giving other useful tips, if they are going to get you prepared for the interview too, won’t it be amazing? Solomon Admissions do that. So, you should find such a firm. School students trying to get admissions in colleges and universities have no experience of interviews, the questions, the environment and the interviewers. There are other things too to pay attention to such as appearance, level of confidence, smartness etc. If someone is going to give you helpful tips on these, won’t you be able to face interviews with more confidence?

All in all, it seems that taking help of admission consultants can be a great help to save your money and time and get guaranteed admission to the college of your dreams. So, why don’t you try one?