6 Important Points to Include in the Contract with Your Academic Ghostwriter

When you want to write a big and challenging project as a part of your study and you don’t have time for that, it makes sense to hire an academic ghostwriter. Although it’s sure that by hiring such a writer, you will get high-quality work, you should make sure that you make a valid contract with your ghostwriter and rights of both of you are protected. Here are some important factors you should learn about.

1. Outlining the Identities, Roles and Responsibilities of Both the Parties

The contract should have the heading “Ghostwriting Agreement” on its top.

The very first clause of your agreement with the ghostwriter should include the names of both the parties and your roles, i.e. ghostwriter and client.

The responsibilities of the ghostwriter should also be mentioned in the contract, such as researching, writing, proofreading, editing, inserting charts, graphs, pictures etc.

This clause should end with the date on which you entered the agreement.

2. Meeting

The contract should include consent of client to meet the ghostwriter to provide details of the work. The ghostwriter must be ready with questions to ask the client during the meetings, that will help him to complete the project. The writer should also agree to the number of revisions he would offer for free and paid revisions after that. The fee of the paid revisions should also be mentioned.

3. Type of Work

The contract should also clearly state the type of ghostwriting services the ghostwriter will be providing, e.g. an essay, a thesis, a dissertation or any other academic paper.

If the writer will be taking help of other people for completing the work, it should be mentioned in the agreement.

4. Size of Work

The ghostwriters often charge as per the size of the work. Thus they may charge you as per the number of pages, like 100 pages or 120 pages. Whatever is the size of your wok, it should be mentioned in the contract.

5. Deadline

Deadline is one of the most important things to include in the contract. You are required to submit your project within a stipulated time. Depending on that, you should set the deadline and the ghostwriter should agree to it in the contract.

6. Price

The most important point in the contract is the price upon which both the parties should agree. The mode of payment should be clearly mentioned too. For the safety of both the parties, choosing the option of escrow payment is better.

These are some of the most important points you should include in the contract you’d make with your ghostwriter. For more details, take help of an attorney who is experienced in drafting this type of contracts. This is a great way to get your work done in a satisfactory manner and improve your grades with its help.