5 Tried and Tested Tips to Get Success in Learning English

Have you tired of the efforts you made to learn English because you failed? No matter, how hard you try, can’t you master the language? Here are a few tried and tested tips which will make your learning process easy and fun.

1. Read Everything in English

Whatever you can get that is written in English, don’t forget or laze out to read it, whether it is a torn piece of newspaper or book, packing bag, websites or your emails. This way your vocabulary will increase tremendously. English has many words that look similar but have different meanings. The more you will read the more meanings you will come to know. You will also understand different structures of sentences.

2. Take a Keen Note of the New Words

Once you come to know about a new word, phrase or sentence structure, don’t just read and move on, but take a keen note of it. Some words are so fun that you cannot forget them. But not all words are like this. You may forget some similar-looking words. So, make a habit of noting down what you learn.

3. Don’t Shy Away

If you are not confident, you feel shy of speaking in English and this is very harmful for your process of learning English. Sure, you can use your language skills only for writing. However, won’t it be better if you can talk with live humans on tools like video chat? Being able to ‘speak’ in English is a great step that can help you to ascend in your career.

4. Join a YouTube Channel or Podcast (in English)

Are you interested in politics, cooking, blogging or humor? For every interest you can imagine, there is a YouTube channel or podcast out there which you can join. Subscribe to a few of your liking and you can watch and listen to them while traveling towards your school or work. You may find the native accent difficult to understand at first. But you’ll soon start to understand it and love it. Of course, this too has a benefit of adding tremendously to your vocabulary.

5. Travel to an English-speaking Country

The best way to learn a language is to learn it in a country where it belongs. It’s true that English is spoken in many countries. So, you have a wide choice. The UK, the USA, New Zealand, South Africa, Canada and Australia are only a few. Choose your ideal learning environment and travel there.

And last but not the least, don’t be disappointed. Although you feel today that learning English is difficult, if you keep trying, you can do it, and that will be a great transformation in your life because it will open up a vast array of career opportunities for you.