4 Tips on Getting Your Children Interested in STEM

Maybe your children will get a great education in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) at their schools, but in most cases, those classes are simply not good enough to make kids interested in these fields. As a parent, nevertheless, you should give your best to foster a greater love for exploration and learning STEM in your kids. Here are four inspiring tips on succeeding in this mission!

Encourage their curiosity and embrace questioning! Typical kid is always asking “how” and “why” and, I know, these questions might seem relentless at times. However, it’s recommended to embrace your kids’ curiosity. In general, asking “how” and “why” is a STEM mindset, therefore start with explaining the things you actually understand. Once (and, yes, it will happen eventually) you don’t have an answer to your kid’s question, try to find the answer together. This way you’ll show them good research practices, too.

TV programs can be useful, too. Although most people see movie and TV time as mindless, there are many entertaining and STEM related programs out there. If documentaries are too much to hold your kids’ interest, look for TV shows with STEM themes; there is plenty of them nowadays!

Take a trip to a museum and/or zoo! A science museum is probably the best place for your kids to get up close and hands on with science. Luckily, they are quite easy to find and there are many of them that are designed for kids under 6. But, it doesn’t to be a science museum at all. Children’s museums usually have STEM exhibits and even art & history related museums offer opportunity to learn more about the history of technology.

Let your kids play with STEM toys and games! LEGO blocks and Minecraft are probably the most popular STEM toys and they’re great, without any doubt, but don’t just end there. Check out best STEM toys of 2016 to find something your own kid would get hooked on. With so many entertaining toys and games, any kid would become interested in STEM even without forcing these subjects on them!