4 Major Reasons Why You Should Study at an International British College in Shanghai

If you are thinking of studying in a foreign country, China may be one of your first few countries of preference. China is today one of the most sought after study destination for international as well as national students due to its world-class study environment and rich history and culture.

Wellingtoncollege is a great international British school in Shanghai and by enrolling here you can get excellent education in China. Here are a few prominent reasons to study in China, especially at Wellington College, as an international or as a local student.

1. Top Class Environment

Wellington College was founded by Queen Victoria in 1859 and still maintains the connection with the British Royal family. The royals regularly pay a visit to the college.

Wellington College is aimed at overall development of their students by education in various subjects, including arts, music, performing arts and sports, apart from academic subjects. Students of all ages are provided education i.e. Pre-Prep, Prep School, Senior School, IB Diploma Programme and Mandarin Programme. Well-equipped library resources are provided to students of all these levels.

Special attention is given to students’ food. Students are required to eat the healthy and nutritious food provided by the school. The college has a well-equipped medical facility run by nursing professionals that are fully trained and qualified. Emergency medical services are provided too.

food at Wellington College

2. Exploration

China is the most populous country in the world and is full of interesting people. While studying in China, you get the opportunity to explore this wonderful country. While studying in Wellington College, you can experience the exclusive combination of China’s modern and ancient civilizations. Not to mention, the scenic beauty of China’s landscapes and vibrant nightlife that you can enjoy to the fullest. You can enjoy visiting interesting places with your peers that come from around the world. If you are from China, this is a great opportunity for you to meet international students coming from various countries in the world, talk to them, learn more about their cultures and broaden your mind. Wellington College is an excellent place to do this.

You can enjoy the various festivals in China such as the ice festival, get enthralled while skiing on steep slopes or take a wonderful experience of collecting icicles around eyelashes in Harbin in the northeast. Or you can head to south to enjoy the beauty of the beaches at Hainan Island and relax in the golden sunrays.

Chinese cities too are developed tremendously in the last three decades and flaunt eye-catching modern architecture. Especially Shanghai looks extremely beautiful with its sky-kissing towers. Plus you have ancient structures like the Great Wall and the Forbidden City to explore. You can do all this while studying in Wellington College to enrich your personality.

overall development at Wellington College

3. Economical

If you are tempted by Western countries and are thinking of choosing one of them for higher studies, compare fees of schools there and that of an international British school in Shanghai like Wellingtoncollege, and you will find that the level of education is same, but fees in Chinese colleges are much more affordable than that of the schools of Western countries.

4. International Recognition

China is making huge investments in higher education and aimed at creating more and more world-class universities. So far, China was famous for its ancient arts like calligraphy, martial arts, Chinese language and other culture-related topics. But now China has higher degree programs in subjects like medicine, science, trade and economy, finance, engineering and management, which are recognized all over the world.

So, if you are passionate for higher studies, choose China as your study destination, where you can study well and shine!