4 Main Reasons of Why E-books are So Popular

E-books are getting increasingly popular and a layman may wonder what the big deal is. After all, isn’t an e-book just a book on the screen of a gadget?

Not anymore! Although early e-books were just the electronic versions of print books, e-books of today have eye-popping features, audio and video plays directly from the page and certain e-books allow students even to slow down the audio and record their own voice to compare with the original. You can answer questions and then check whether your answers are correct with automatic markings. Written or voice recorded notes can be created, drawings can be made and words can be highlighted that you are finding difficult to pronounce, so that you can later practice them. Teachers can just tell students to finish homework on a page which they can send him back through email. The best thing about e-books is that you can carry the entire electronic library of e-books anywhere with you! Thus, if you have to travel a lot, you don’t have to wait till you get a quiet place to sit and read multiple books, you can read them during travel, easily! So, you can visit a library like Doksi and read the huge number of books available there, anywhere, anytime and in any position!

Here are some outstanding benefits of e-books with which you’ll understand why e-books are so popular.

1. You Get Them Instantly

You don’t have to wait for an e-book shipped to you! The moment you order it, you get it. You don’t even need to visit a book store or wait in a long line.

2. They Help Improve Reading and Speech

Text-To-Speech or TTS e-books feature multiple functions that help improve your learning experience. They help students with reading challenges, visual impairments or dyslexia. They can also mitigate eye strain, enhance listening skills and boost foreign language learning.

3. They are Eco-friendly and Economical

E-books will dramatically reduce tree felling for paper production and so, are eco-friendly. Plus, they are economical too because schools won’t have to buy new copies every time with the change of curriculum and for any updates.

4. They Don’t Need a Huge Storage Space

They all can easily accommodate in your tiny tablet and don’t need a separate library and shelves to store them. They don’t even require maintenance like physical books and there is no risk of termites and other bugs eating books away.

Thus if you haven’t yet joined an electronic library for you or your child, consider joining one at the earliest and enjoy reading e-books.