4 Easy Tips to Find Just the Right Piano Teacher in Singapore

Besides being a top tourist destination in the world, Singapore is fast gaining repute as a hub of topnotch music. For parents who wish that their children should learn music and other adults who wish to learn music, this is definitely good news. Moreover, the number of instructors and music schools in the country is also increasing owing to the growing demand for music teachers.

Thus whether you are looking for piano classes in Singapore for yourself or your child, it’s the best time to do that.

Here are a few useful points to help you out in your search.

1. Know What You Want

You’ll find different types of piano instructors. Some will be very much enthusiastic and energetic, while some may be more conservative and preferring a more traditional approach. Some of them may be better while dealing with children, while some others are more comfortable with adults.

Another thing to consider is that whether you want to learn the basics or you are formerly a piano student and want to brush up your skills. Also, it’s useful to consider your goals about whether you want to play at a school or church, participate in competitions, play in concerts and pursue a career as a pianist. Making your expectations clear to the teacher will help him decide whether he’s the right teacher for you or not.

Also, you should decide which style you (or your child) are interested to learn, whether it is classical, pop or jazz. You can decide whether to learn a particular style from someone specialized in that style or learn from someone who teaches various styles of music.

Considering your budget, check the available choices. Discuss with the teacher about her other students regarding whether they are of the same age as that of your child. This may help you in making sure whether the teacher is right for your child.

piano concert hall

2. Take Location into Account

After you start taking lessons in an instrument, it may be difficult to encourage you (or your child) to practice. In that case, things may become even more difficult if your piano school is located on the other end of the island. If you find no good school or teachers close to your home, consider home lessons. Home lessons may cost you more and you will get absolutely no excuse from practicing.

3. Schedule an Introductory Class

An introductory class will give you an idea of what you’ll be getting into before making any commitment or investment. Once you shortlist instructors for your piano classes in Singapore, meet them personally. If it’s your child who’s going to learn piano, take him too for the meeting and make sure both are comfortable with each other.

In case of a music school, consider visiting it and check classrooms, lessons, teachers and fellow students. Make sure your child is comfortable in the school environment.

While interviewing the instructor, ask every question you have in mind. Ask about his qualifications, certifications, teaching methods, style, background in music, any rewards and achievements, and whether he works in other areas of the music industry. Find out about fee structure and other policies. Meeting a teacher personally will also give you an idea about his personality, patience, positive attitude, empathy etc. to decide whether he is a good match for you or your child.

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4. Meet Other Students of the School

If you are planning to enroll to a piano school, consider meeting other students and inquire about teachers, teaching methods and styles, and the overall environment of the school.

If you follow these tips, you can find just the right piano teacher for you or your child and can enjoy learning music or watching your child learning.