4 Benefits of Hiring an Admission Consultant

When you complete your school education and want to continue further studies in a college, the big questions are that which college to choose and whether you’ll get admission there or not. And it’s here where the college consultants step in. You can seek help of two types of consultants – your school consultants and private college consultants.

So, when you have consultants in your school, why should you hire a private admission consultant like Solomon Admissions Consulting?

Well, hiring Solomon Admissions Consulting doesn’t necessarily mean that your school consultants are inefficient. In fact, school consultants are smart and really care about their student but they are (typically) not college specialists. A few of them will have certification and connection with professional institutes. Others will research and get information online just as you can. Plus, they also have to take care of students having troubled family life or aren’t progressing towards graduation or are pregnant etc. This means that they are not always able to answer all your questions about colleges and admission process. An average school consultant has around 450 students to deal with. This means that while a consultant from Solomon Admissions Consulting can spend even 12 hours on your personal statement essay if you want, your school consultant might not be able to spend even more than two.

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Benefits of Hiring Solomon Admissions Consulting

1. Insider Information

Every university has its own criteria to accept students. If you don’t know about these criteria, your application usually becomes ordinary. It has nothing special. Consultants from Solomon Admissions Consulting have been members of admission committees of top universities and know what exactly these universities are looking for and can tell you what to avoid so as to not getting your application rejected.

2. Practice of Interviews and Financial Aid

Solomon Admission Consultants make you practice for both on-campus and alumni interviews by training you get control what is including in the interview evaluations by directing the content and flow of the interview. Common questions will be prepared from you by their admission officers so as to make you answer them effectively. They also have insider information about which institutions take financial help into consideration while deciding whose application to accept and whose to reject.

3. One-on-one Attention

Consultants at Solomon Admissions Consulting will provide you one-on-one attention that you cannot get at many other consulting services. Majority of high school consultants are certified, qualified, knowledgeable, well-trained and dedicated. However, the problem lies in the lack of time they can give to individual students. In the US, the proportion of counselors to students is 1:478. As mentioned earlier, consultants have a lot of other duties to perform besides college consulting. In Solomon Admissions Consulting, the number of students is limited so that their students receive the best assistance and attention they need. This can be especially beneficial for students who are not very good at organizing themselves, problem in getting started or who do better with individual attention.

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4. Reduction of Stress

Students face enormous stress while choosing a college and trying to get admission there. Even the most gifted students may be overwhelmed with the choice and admission process. Solomon Admissions Consulting focuses on reducing this stress as far as possible by making the admission process easy to manage.

They also understand that the admission process may even be confusing for parents and so, they try their best to provide guidance, information and support to parents during this period. They also try to mitigate the stress resulted from separation of children from parents during the senior year in high school.

All in all, when you hand over the job of admission consulting to Solomon, students and their parents feel much less stressed out and their admission process to the best college becomes much smoother and pleasurable. So, try them and look forward to the start of your new academic life.