3 Surprising Reasons Why Chinese Parents Push Their Kids for Education

One of the most famous facts in schools and colleges is that Chinese students almost without fail excel in their work and grades, no matter what their field of study is. However, this isn’t because of how diligent they are as a people, but it’s due to the influence they’re exposed to at home. It’s nothing derogatory, it’s a part of their culture, history and tradition which shapes the way the parents usually act. These are the biggest three influences that shape that approach and later on, affect the kids and their grades at school.

1) Life is 99% Effort

Grades in school are a result of effort, not intelligence or talent. American parents usually take into account a variety of factors which are usually out of the student’s control. For example, inborn strength or weakness cannot be changed- and it’s nobody’s fault. On the other hand, in Chinese culture, success, especially academic success is a result of the effort put into the studies. It is believed that the student controls everything, so he is the one to take credit for something, be it good or bad. Therefore, parents see grades as completely controllable, so their kids are expected to achieve the highest results – nothing stands in their way, as the way Chinese parents see it. If the result is less than perfect, it can be assumed that the kids are lazy and don’t try hard enough, and it’s not acceptable.

2) The Path to Success is Education

Education largely depicts values in the Chinese society, i.e. how valuable a person is. In the United States, grades are perceived as a part of a profile, not the whole picture. In China, grades are a complete and full picture of the child’s abilities. That’s why their drive behind pushing their kids to study is so strong and they are always in search of top schools in Shanghai for their kids so that they can get the best education.

3) Good Parents Do What They Have To

Chinese parents see the world as a place of either complete success or devastating failure, which is a result of not trying hard enough. If they expect any less from their children, they think that they aren’t preparing the kid for some bigger challenges and harder times that will ensue in life no matter what. Everything they do, they do so that their child has a better chance in life and a brighter future. If they don’t expect more, they would be considered as ‘bad parents’ by fellow parents.

All parents differ, including the Chinese ones because the society will have its impact on a family one way or the other. However, if you are aware of the cultural differences and what they mean you can understand some families better and see why Chinese kids are so focused on work and additional activities. By understanding different cultures, we can get better insights for what is good for our kids.