3 Interesting Facts about Schools in China

In case you were wondering about schools in China and their system, it’s safe to say that they are quite different. If we were to pick one objective of homework and exams that would be the memorization of facts. The teachers in China don’t take their work home, meaning that they correct homework during office hours and parents correct it at home. Teachers usually come across as stern and dedicated to their job, even reserved at times. This creates a different environment than the one that first comes to mind. If you are to move there or you’re thinking about how would your children do at a Chinese school, here are the three things you should be aware of.

1) Math Skills

Asians are well-known for their Math skills across the globe. It is said in Malcolm Gladwell’s book “Outliers” that Chinese are very good in math because the Chinese words for numbers are concise. This means that kids can mentally calculate numbers quicker and thereby can spend more time on challenging questions before they give up. If your kid knows how to speak Chinese, encourage him or her to use Chinese when doing math.

2) Chalk and Talk

Teachers still use this approach in most of the schools. The main teaching aid is the chalkboard. Teacher writes everything on board and students are expected to copy everything to their notebooks. There’s not much interaction between them during most of the classes, and that’s understandable considering the fact that there are 40 and more students per class. Teachers have little choice and bear in mind that they are preparing kids for the 高考 (gāo kǎo) – college entrance exam, the most important exam of them all. If you want your kid to excel in the exam, consider finding the best High School in Shanghai, because you want only the best for your child.

3) Equality

As we mentioned before, teachers are trying hard to prepare kids for tests, so if you’re worried that your kid will be treated in other way because of his or her differences, stop worrying. Foreign kids in China are treated like anyone else, there’s no discrimination.

These are some of the main things you can expect if you’re researching about Chinese schools in general. Either way, it’s important to know that as long as you’re ready to put in hard work, you and your family will do well in China.