3 Easy Yet Important Tips to Write an Excellent Essay

Essay writing is a common assignment in a student’s life and whether you like it or not, you have to face it sometime or the other during your studies. While some students like to write, some others may not be very much into it. However, they should understand that an essay is just a representation of their thoughts, experiences and expressions, and they should think about it in the same way without being scared of it. Plus, if you remember certain points, you can easily create an excellent essay – one that will help you get your desired grades. Here are a few.

1. Read Essays by Other People

You read story books. Have you ever thought of how you like or dislike a particular writer’s style? Why do you like or dislike it? Which points you like and which ones you don’t? When this thought process goes on in your mind, you develop your own writing style without your knowledge. Now, replace story books with essays, many, many essays, whichever you get, even of your peers. And you would find what is likable and what is dislikable in them, and you would understand what you should do and what you shouldn’t while writing an essay. Today advanced software tools are available to remove faults in almost anything. For example, if you feel or anyone tells you that you use a particular word too frequently in your writing, you can check it with the Word Frequency Counter and remove it if necessary or vice versa, i.e. if you have not used it frequently, you can mention it more often. Check points like how persuasive the writer is, has the argument been supported with evidences and thus balanced and also, if the writer has used a unique technique which you haven’t come across so far.

Read Essays by Other People

2. Make Your Vocabulary Strong and Learn to Use it Correctly

If your vocabulary is not strong, you won’t find the right words to express what you feel. On the other hand, if you have ample stock of words, you can write effectively and emphatically what you want to say. Therefore it’s imperative that your word-coining ability should be strong. However, only this won’t suffice. You should also use the words correctly. English has many words that have similar spellings but different meanings. You should know exactly which one to use where. So also, there are many phrases, idioms and proverbs that you should use correctly so as to make your writing effective and impressive.

Here are a few effective ways with which you can strengthen your vocabulary:

  • Read a lot. Take help of a dictionary to understand the meaning and usage of words you have never come across so far.
  • Subscribe to a ‘word a day’ email service. That way you will learn a new word every day. Create a separate folder for these emails, so that you can quickly open it and study new words in your leisure moments.
  • Refer to a thesaurus. By doing so, you will know many words of the same meaning and you can use different words of the same meaning whenever needed rather than repeating a same word.

Make Your Vocabulary Strong

3. Keep it Easily Understandable

It’s perhaps the most important quality your essay should have that readers should easily understand it. This can be done by structuring your sentences properly. This will need you to make correct usage of punctuation marks. With a sophisticated syntax, you can make your essay understandable to readers. This can be done by bringing a variety in sentence formation; you can make them short as well as long. But never make too long sentences that will confuse the readers. And of course, your grammar should be perfect because an essay jumbled with poor grammar is the last thing your teacher wants to read.

Act on these points, take help of the latest software tools like the Word Frequency Counter, enjoy writing and that will make your essay enjoyable to read!

Keep your essay Easily Understandable