10 Useful Tips to Complete Your Dissertation Successfully

If you are finding it extremely tough to write your dissertation, you may be needing help. Dissertation is an important step in your education and whether you like it or not you have to complete it. In such a situation, you will find the following tips helpful.

1. Set a Time Limit Well in Advance

It’s very important to set a goal for working towards since it can be a great help with dissertation to you in the form of sustaining motivation throughout the process. You may need the pressure of time limit to get the thing done and also a list of due dates to keep you on track.

2. But also Be Flexible

However, you may find that you are blowing past your deadlines almost immediately and have to adjust them again. Anything unexpected can happen over a period of one year (or more) and if you are flexible with your deadlines, you may save yourself from the guilty conscience. If you set an early time limit, you must be able to move things around while not having to throw off your schedule.

3. Start Asking for Feedback Early and Repeatedly

The quicker you start communicating about your work with your committee, the smoother will be your edition stages. Create partial drafts of the dissertation and send them to those who are ready to read them. This will keep you connected with your committee and fellow writers and save you from feeling of being cut off. But most importantly, it will save you from situations where you may repeat even full chapters.

4. Learn to Deal with Negative Feedback

Not all people can deal successfully with criticism. Most people need encouragement. If you are a person who is discouraged by negative feedback, learn to handle it successfully, i.e. it should not affect the quality of your next writing. Don’t let it hurt your productivity. Analyze your mental condition and check if you are assuming yourself worthless instead of improving on the negative points. One more alternative is to turn to only those for feedback who always encourage you, especially when you need some encouragement.

5. Understand What the Committee is Expecting from You

While analyzing the feedback from your committee, try to understand what sort of work your committee is expecting from you. Read dissertations of previous students they have approved. Ask about their expectations and which sources you can use, what format they like, headings, structure of chapters, footnotes etc. Communicating with them is the best way to avoid mistakes.

6. But also Keep in Mind that It’s Your Work

Though you should try to meet the requirements of your committee, don’t forget that it’s your dissertation, after all. It should represent you as a scholar. Be firm with your own opinions and what message you want to give.

7. Take Breaks

While you are working hard to write your dissertation, it’s also essential to take breaks for your own happiness. If you take such a break, enjoy it thoroughly without having guilt. Breaks actually can induce new ideas and put new energy in you. Your brain is not a machine to work continuously. It can get blocked at some point after too much work and needs some rest to get recharged. You need not always sleep during such breaks. You can do whatever you really like, such as reading, watching cartoons, playing a game, giving time to your family and so on.

8. But Don’t Fail to Start Again

Breaks are fantastic, but they should be followed by work. You may take one or two weeks off but should again turn to writing. Academic work is a good balance between different types of pressures which you should get use to while taking the time to write after your other responsibilities. There are people who are in their 7th or 8th year of writing just because they “don’t find time” to write. Don’t be one of them.

9. Find Time by Learning to Say “No”

A big hurdle in getting time for writing a dissertation is people around you who don’t understand. Some of your family, friends or colleagues may not be able to imagine how important it is to write a big project like a dissertation. Here you should be able to say “Leave, I am writing!” Many of friends may not accept the fact that you are not spending as much time with them as you used to. But you should firmly say “No”.

10. Say “Yes” if You Want It

If you want to take a break as described above, you can say “yes” sometimes.

Enjoy completing your dissertation with these tips just as you and your committee wants it and pass an important step in your education.