10 Upcoming Academic Conferences You Can’t Miss

We all know that there are so many great ways to sharpen and learn skills these days: we can read blogs, watch how-to videos on YouTube and other applications, listen to podcasts, and attend webinars and seminars, just to name a few. So, why bother ourselves with the money and time of a leader-led, in-person conferences or workshops?

Listed below are the reasons that can change your attitude and help you to avoid missing out on of the best chances to yourself and your game to the next level.

1. Conferences sharpen the saw as a dull axe won’t cut a tree as effectively and efficiently as a sharp one.
2. Conferences let you meet influencers and experts face to face. Not everything can happen over an online success summit.
3. There is no substitution of experience and enthusiasm when meeting someone in real life, no matter how much social media keep peers, local and far away, connected.
4. Conferences help you learn in a new space. It is easy to find ad discover ourselves in a rut. Same chair, same place, same surrounding keep us from new ideas and new thinking.
5. No matter how much chatter there may be around because of these hashtags, the energy that is liberated and consumed when we are in a room of like-minded people cannot beat the energy in all online learning channels.

And so, here we have selected these Academic Conferences picks with an eye toward high learning and networking benefits for everyone across the world who are looking for connections, growth, and learning. This list has been compiled on the basis of avoidance of hard sell platforms, quality of attendees,social responsibility tasks, and positive results for those who have attended.

Here are some of the conferences.

1. World Business Forum – You shall be inspired by fresh ideas, start rethinking the status quo, and left ready to tackle your own life and business confronts in innovative and creative ways.
2. Forbes Women Summit – Join and hear others who are creating an impact to converse innovation, how to redefine conventional views of women in leadership, and the ins and outs of beginning a startup.
3. CEO Space – The benefits of this conference include sessions on strategic planning sequencing, legal, tax, branding, marketing, social media, and sales.
4. ISTE – Hailed as leading discussion in which to learn, exchange ideas, and review the field of EdTech, ISTE is a place where educators, scholars, and school leaders go to learn about new strategies and tools.
5. FETC – The largest regional EdTech conferences conversing best practices and tech trends is at FETC.
6. Social Media Week – This is a global discussion about how we can accomplish more in a hyper-connected society. With numerous events in cities around the world, you shall have abundance of opportunities to bond with other organizations that are collaborating on solutions for the future, innovating in the social space, and make an impact with social media.
7. Social Media for Customer Service Summit – Hear from leaders’ real-life experiences to discover how you can advertise and market your business in a cutthroat market. You can also learn how to train and teach your team and achieve high quality customer service.
8. ICSB – World Conference on Entrepreneurship – This three-day conference has some incredible and key note speakers, student activities, and social events lined up, all revolving around how you can make a socially and environmental sustainable business.
9. Open Data Science Conference – This data science conference is an experience that fosters the melding of big data and open source where you can get deeper approach on how one is integrated with the other.
10. Learning 2016 – The topics for this conference will be announced soon. Learning 2015’s members talked about subjects, such as gamification, sales training,mLearning, peer-to-peer webinars, and video learning strategies.

Go and get experience!

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